Edit Sony (MPEG2 SD) Camera Videos in Pinnacle for Uploading YouTube or Making DVDs

‘Guys there, I’ve stored some working videos in SD cards with my Sony camera, they have trapped me for a long time because the recordings were encoded by MPEG-2, which seems not available for Pinnacle Studio for editing. For more, I also upload them on YouTube for promotion or burn them into DVDs to our customers. Thanks in advance if there are some good methods!’


For seeking the best ways to make the Sony MPEG2 SD videos suitable for Pinnacle and upload to YouTube for sharing, we suggest you should know the best video formats for Pinnacle. Absolutely right! ‘AVI’ could be the best one for Piannacle and what a coincidence, it also seems to be the suitable one of the Video formats for YouTube! Now, let’s make it clear! Since Pinnacle cannot support the MPEG2 videos as well as others like AVCHD, etc. So in this way, it would be available if we can convert the MPEG2 to AVI.

Comparing with others, Pavtube Video Converter has the strong ability of transcoding all different videos. With a faster conversion speed and easy operation, it can support most hot media devices and editing programs. Also, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with some other functional items there. Let’s see the details here.

Notes: The video format that Pinnacle Studio support:

  • AVI File – (.avi)
  • MPEG Files – MPEG-1, MPEG-2 SD & HD, and MPEG-4 – (.mpg, .mpeg, .mod, .mp2, .mp4, .m2ts, .mts, .m1v, m2v. mpv)
  • WMV Files – (.wmv)
  • DIVX – (.avi)
  • MOD (JVC Everio cameras) – (.mod)
  • 3GPP Files – (.3gp)
  • TOD Files – (*.tod)
  • AVCHD – (.m2ts, .mts) – Requires Ultimate or Ultimate Collection

How to convert the Sony MPEG2 SD videos to AVI for Pinnacle?

As soon as you download and launce this MPEG2 to AVI video converter, open the main interface, click the ‘Add files’ we can easily load the original source as follows.


Then go to the output list by clicking the ‘Format’ bar, as we mentioned above, we are glad to suggest you to select the ‘HD Video”>>’AVI HD Video (*.avi); as the best one.


Optional function: As we mentioned above, in this program, we can customize our output videos so nicely.

Click the “Effect” button to open the Video Edit window to achieve editing MP4 like trim, crop, image, watermark, effect, subtitles and rotate and etc in the corresponding editing pane.

Click the “Setting…” button to open the Advanced Settings window to adjust the output video codec, resolution, bitrates, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, channel, volume and etc in the advanced tab.

After the preparation work, just go back to the main interface and hit the ’Convert’ icon, we can easily get the suitable video for Pinnacle Studio for editing. Next, when you got the supported video formats, we can easily upload the videos to YouTube for sharing with friends as usual.

Tips: Any ideas of creating MPEG2 videos to DVDs? Of course Pavtube DVD Creator can do this well. Good news! If you are willing to convert and create he MPEG2 videos together, why not get the two guys together? There is a big discount there! Let’s have a try!

3 thoughts on “Edit Sony (MPEG2 SD) Camera Videos in Pinnacle for Uploading YouTube or Making DVDs

  1. Polu

    This software looked sketch when I first bought it, but I took the plunge and it works amazingly well and is quick and simple to use. I have already used it ton and have been extremely happy with it…good stuff.

  2. Augus

    The most simplest converter tool out there. Hands down. One click and drag and thats all it took. I recommend this to anyone who needs a hassle converter.


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