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YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. At the time of uploading a video, YouTube users are shown a screen with the message “Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts or advertisements without permission, unless they consist entirely of content that you created yourself”. Despite this advice, there are still many unauthorized clips of copyrighted material on YouTube.

Can’t upload MP4 to YouTube?

Maybe you have plenty of MP4 videos at hand which indeed enrich your daily life. And it’s advisable to upload MP4 video to YouTube for sharing with friends on the world. But sometimes, you must have noticed that while you try for uploading a MP4 video, you come across a variety of troubles that end in a restricted or unsuccessful file uploading.

  • Unnecessary delay in uploading file
  • After a long time of the initial trial for uploading file, a line appears on the screen saying, “Unsuccessful uploads”, “Request Timed-out”, “Error” and some others.
  • Sometimes you find a statement which appears on the screen and says, “File format not recognized”.

Why sometimes fail to upload MP4 to YouTube? How to solve can’t upload MP4 video to YouTube? Now you are on the right track because this piece of writing has got some really effective solution to solve your problem.


Reasons for can’t Upload MP4 to YouTube

Why YouTube refuse to upload MP4 sometimes? Below are the possible 3 reasons:

MP4 Codec is not Supported by YouTube According to YouTube Official Website, YouTube can only support MPEG-4/H.264 video and AAC audio, but MP4 is a complex video container with various video and audio codecs. When MP4 video that you want to upload contains YouTube unsupported codecs, YouTube will reject your MP4 video file.
MP4 file is too long or large By default, you can upload videos that are 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, you may need to trim long MP4 video into smaller parts so as to share on YouTube without limit.
MP4 is broken MP4 Video content will not be correctly accepted by YouTube, if there is an error in the content or the container. There are a lot of reasons that result in a broken MP4 video some of the reasons include; bad file header, inappropriate storage media, and many others.

If your MP4 video is not too long or not broken, you need encode MP4 video to YouTube supported video and codec format. YouTube Supported formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, MKV, SWF. What you need is converting MP4 to YouTube friendly format. If your MP4 file is too long or large to upload to YouTube, you can also use a video compressor.

How to Convert/Compress MP4 for YouTube

Pavtube Video Converter, a professional MP4 video converter for YouTube, enables you to easily convert MP4 videos to MP4/FLV/WebM/3GP for uploading to YouTube. It not only can convert MP4 video to YouTube supported video, but also can compress, cut, edit MP4 video for better uploading to YouTube. It also can convert H.265, MKV, AVI, MXF, MTS, M2TS, XAVC etc to YouTube supported format. Read Review.

Free download the MP4 to YouTube Video Converter/Editor/Compressor

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:
- Softonic Download:

Start converting/editing/compressing/cutting MP4 video for uploading to YouTube

1. Click “File” > “Add Video” to import your MP4 videos.

2. Select output profile. Move to “Common Video” or “HD Video” to choose “MP4” or “HD MP4”. Then click OK.

Tip 1. Edit/Cut Long MP4 video. Click editor-button.jpg button to enter the Video Editor Window. As you see, you can trim, crop or adjust the MP4 video with the built-in video editor to get the very part and effect of the movie you want. (By default, you can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. To upload longer videos, please verify your account.)

Tip 2. How to Compress A MP4 Video for YouTube. You can press the Settings button to adjust the video size, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc to optimize the quality. The highest video resolution that YouTube support is 3840×2160. And the common frame rates for YouTube include: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 frames per second.

3. Click “Convert” button to start MP4 to YouTube conversion. When the conversion finishes, click "Open" to find the converted video files.

Related Softwares

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Support Comprehensive Formats/codec for conversion – Convert, transcode or compress a variety of UHD 4K, HD and SD videos or audios to the required for your preference and output native codec ensuring maximum quality. Video Previewing is allowed. All-in-one Blu-ray and DVD Solutions – Rip/Copy Blu-ray and DVD for personal use Unlock Region Code & Copy Protections.

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