No difficulties Uploading GoPro Hero5 4K videos to YouTube

Nowdays, most of us would choose to watch a GoPro Hero5 4K including GoPro Hero5 Black/GoPro Hero5 Session 4K video online with the whole family. Thus, lots of people like to make scary/funny Halloween videos and then upload to YouTube, the world’s top-notch video sharing website for sharing. In this article, we will talk about some tricks for uploading 4K video from GoPro Hero5 to YouTube perfectly. 

Generally speaking, sharing GoPro Hero5 recorded videos on YouTube can be a lot more complicated than you thought. First, YouTube only supports several video formats for uploading, like FLV, MP4 and sometimes your video files are incompatible with it. Then, YouTube only can support some short videos, you need to split long videos into several small video clips before uploading. Another important, you have to adjust the video bitrate, frame rate for your high resolution movies like 4K video before putting to Vimeo/Instagram. 

In this case, people badly need a third party software to achieve all goals. That is where Pavtube Video Converter (Pavtube Video Converter for Mac) comes in to give a hand. With it, you can not only transcode GoPro Hero5 4K into FLV/MP4 which is specific for YouTube, but also can split long GoPro Hero5 4K videos into several clips within 15 mins for sharing on YouTube easily. Also, it can also convert your GoPro Hero5 4K video to Vimeo/Instagram/Facebook supported uploading-format easily. What’s more, it you have some issues importing GoPro Hero5 4K to FCP X, iMovie, Premiere Pro etc for editing, you can also use this program to help you done. 

Now just download the program and check out the steps below.

Solution to Share MP4 on YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook 

1. Import GoPro Hero5 4K files 

Drag & drop video files GoPro Hero5 4K to the program after launching it. Or click the “Add video” button to locate the GoPro Hero5 4K files you want to add. 


2.Specify output format 

You can just select the “Flash Video > FLV-Flash Video Format(*.flv)”, or “HD Video > HD MP4 HD Video(*.avi)” for YouTube or Vimeo and Facebook. 


Tip 1. Trim/Edit GoPro Hero5 4K movies 

Since YouTube has limitations about the uploading video size and length, please pay attention to the video size when encoding GoPro Hero5 4K movies. Here I should highlight the trim function on this GoPro Hero5 4K Converter program. Just click “Edit” to trim the GoPro Hero5 4K videos to get the very part you want. Besides trimming, cropping, adding watermark, adjusting special effect, inserting subtitles are well supported as well. 

(If your GoPro Hero5 4K video is longer than 15 minutes, YouTube won’t support it. What you can do is to click “Split selected task” icon to clip your videos to a proper length)

Tip 2. Customize the video Settings. 

You can also press the Settings button to adjust the video size, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc to optimize the quality. For example, adjust the video size to 1980*1080 for smooth uploading, playing etc. 

3. Start converting GoPro Hero5 4K to YouTube 

When all these settings are ready, you can click the “Convert” button at the bottom right corner to begin the GoPro Hero5 4K to YouTube conversion. When the conversion is done, you can click on “Open” button to locate the output videos. Now it’s time to go to your website to upload your converted video online without any issue. 

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